We are proud to announce that Mark Miller Subaru has been awarded the Subaru Love Promise Retailer of the Year. This prestigious award from the manufacturer is open to every Subaru dealership across the country, so we are proud to earn this competitive designation. We earned this award by being an active philanthropic force in the Salt Lake City community.

We know that our most important resource is the community we serve, so Mark Miller Subaru works hard to treat our customers with the utmost respect and contribute as much as we can to local charities and nonprofits. Anyone that has done business with us will tell you about the lengths we go to make sure you are happy and comfortable when shopping for your next Subaru in the Salt Lake City area.

Our Business

Mark Miller Subaru started in the 70s and we have been a family-owned business ever since, in fact we're currently in our fourth generation. We are committed to our customers, and to us this promise means we train each of our employees so they have the ability to give you the best experience possible when buying a Subaru in Salt Lake City.

We have a huge base of return and even generational customers because we treat them like no other dealership. Our customers are quick to recommend us and we make sure they don't regret it.

Our customers are part of our Subaru family and we show it through our personal, supportive sales process. We also work with our customers and community to support several local philanthropies. The most rewarding part of this job to many of our employees is interacting with our customers while we support the most vulnerable.

Mark Miller Subaru Philanthropies

A huge part of the Subaru Love Promise Retailer of the Year is a dealership's commitment to its community, and we have always been a leader in Salt Lake City when it comes to helping those in need.

Nuzzles & Co.

Nuzzles & Co. is a dog rescue shelter that has helped hundreds of thousands of animals in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. One of their recent major projects was support for the Navajo reservation outside of Salt Lake City. There is a huge problem with stray, unfixed dogs that have no home or place to be, so Nuzzles & Co. worked hard to relocate a huge number of these animals.

We helped in any way we could, most notably flying our plane out to assist in transporting some of these dogs. At the end of the day we have helped Nuzzles & Co. rescue over 125,000 animals.

Volunteers of America

Many of our employees and customers are deeply involved with the Volunteers of America association. With this program we assist children without homes and provide a support system that these kids desperately need. We provide these kids structure at the VOA so they understand that each goal is a success.

With our support and the tireless efforts of the Volunteers of America we have accumulated over 9,475 overnight stays for homeless youth in the Salt Lake City area.

Being able to help, in every way that we do, is a privilege for us and we are so grateful to have this responsibility to take care of the community that we owe so much to. With over $7.4 million dollars in donations to local charitable organizations over seven years, we are the most supportive dealership in the area.

Mark Miller Subaru is the best option for Subaru drivers in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, and we are proud to be named the Subaru Love Promise Retailer of the Year.

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