Suffice it to say, but where rubber meets with a Murray road is a critical point. Everything rests on a fully pressurized, rubber composition -- the first to meet with pavement imperfections and road debris. So, it's essential your Subaru Outback's tire health and wheel alignment are monitored and serviced as needed.

At Mark Miller Subaru's service department near West Valley, we provide the following tire- and wheel-related procedures for your peace-of-mind:

Tire Rotation and Balancing

It's best practice to have tires rotated from well-to-well. And when this procedure begins, our skilled technicians also examine tire treads for unusual wear.

What will be obvious upon a tread is bareness or wear confined to a certain margin or angle around the tread circumference. Such wear may compromise the integrity of the tire and may even worsen wheel alignment, which most likely created such weathering in the first place.

Differing from wheel alignment, tire balancing adjusts for the weight imbalance on tire and wheel assemblies. This ensures each tire mirrors all others in terms of even weight distribution.

In essence, overall fuel performance and safety are enhanced when tires are routinely rotated and balanced.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

When your front tires absorb pavement imperfections, little-by-little alignment is thrown off beyond normal wheel angle and tilt. As one may imagine, your vehicle's front tires bear the brunt of all road blemishes.

With such a beating, your steering will be affected to the point of pulling to left or right, naturally. It's at this moment your wheel alignment will need adjustment, accomplished with specialized equipment at Mark Miller Subaru near West Jordan.

Tire Rotations, Balancing and Wheel Alignment Done Right at Mark Miller Subaru

Feel free to stop by our local American Fork service department for a thorough inspection of tire rotations and balancing, and wheel alignment.

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