Mark Miller Direct
Tell us when and where we can pick up your vehicle, and we'll come to you! Your vehicle will be returned to you within 24 hours. Loaner vehicles are available for your convenience.

Try Mark Miller Direct! Included with your Maintain The Love package inside the Salt Lake Valley, and for only $12.50 each-way inside 21 to 40 miles of Mark Miller Subaru. Mark Miller Direct is available for households beyond 40 miles on a case-by-case basis.

$500.00 Loyalty Coupon* - Voucher to be used when purchasing or leasing another new Subaru within the next 4 years from date of purchase. This is provided through Subaru of America and is on top of your Promise Price.

$500.00 Extra Trade In Allowance* - Must trade in current vehicle and must have all service done at Mark Miller Subaru.

Free car wash and vacuum for every service visit. (Mark Miller Subaru Locations Only).

Free Monthly Trip Check:
Check and adjust fluid levels, tire pressure, vacuum and car wash.

10% OFF Mark Miller Collision Center up to $250. (Excludes Insurance Repairs)

Subaru Service Loaner Program.


Upgrade Options

 2 Years/30,000 Miles-
Includes 30,000 Mile Service
 3 Years/36,000 Miles-
\Includes 30,000 Mile Service, 36,000 Mile Service and adds a year of coverage.
 3 Years/42,000 Miles-
Includes 30,000 Mile Service, 36,000 Mile Service, 42,000 Mile Service and an additional year of coverage.

Based on the average 6 year ownership of vehicles in the US and average cost of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Tire rotations and Carwashes measured at 90,000 mile ownership(15). Safety Inspection based on 11yr ownership. Loyalty coupon divided. ($500 MMS & $500 SOA) Mark Miller Subaru Locations only.  Excludes Subaru of America VIP programs.

Questions about maintenance?