Subaru Crosstrek vs. Subaru Impreza

Subaru Crosstrek XV vs. Subaru Impreza


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This Subaru Crosstrek XV vs. Subaru Impreza comparison page is designed to give you a full, upfront head to head view of the two models.  We will be looking at the difference in wheelbase, height, passenger room, cargo space and more! Both cars are very similar in length, width and space. We will look into both models and do our best to give you the best views possible to show differences in height, wheels and more!


2014 Crosstrek XV 

2014 Impreza

The Wheels.

The 2014 Crosstrek XV has a more aggressive dark grey, machined finished design to the wheels and sits higher than the Subaru Impreza. The Crosstrek and Impreza sit on 17'' alloy wheels. The Impreza has a 15 spoke design that differs from the Crosstrek's machined finished pattern.


Crosstrek XV and Impreza

Rear Hatch Comparison

Ground Clearance Crosstrek: 8.7'' Inches.

Ground Clearance Impreza:
5.7'' Inches.
Crosstrek Wheelbase: 103.7" Inches.

Impreza Wheelbase: 104.1'' Inches

Crosstrek Length:
175.2" Inches.
Impreza Length: 173.8" Inches
Crosstrek Height: 63.6" Inches
Impreza Height:
59.5" Inches

Impreza Driver's View

Crosstrek Driver's View
Crosstrek XV

Crosstrek Interior.
Impreza Interior.

Crosstrek 43.5'' Inches Front Legroom.

Impreza 43.5" Inches Front Legroom.
Crosstrek XV 97.5' Cubic Ft Passenger Volume.
Impreza 97.5' Cubic Ft Passenger Volume.

Crosstrek 35.4" Inches Rear

Impreza 35.4" Inches Rear Legroom.

Crosstrek 37.2 Inches Rear Passenger Headroom

Impreza 37.7 Inches Rear Passenger Headroom

Crosstrek: 22.3' Cubic Ft Cargo Room

Impreza: 22.5' Cubic Ft Cargo Room

Seats lay down flat in both
Maximizing cargo
Crosstrek: Maximum of 51.9'
Cubic Ft Cargo Volume.
Impreza: Maximum of 52.4'
Cubic Ft Cargo Volume.

How do they compare? The Subaru Crosstrek Vs. The Subaru Impreza

Crosstrek XV   Impreza
 MPG23/36 25/36
 All-Wheel Drive
 Yes Yes
 Available GPS
 10-Power Driver's Seat
 Engine 2.0L H4
2.0L H4
 Horse Power
148 @ 6200
148 @ 6200
 145 @ 4200 lb-ft
 145 @ 4200lb-ft
Automatic Transmission
 Fuel Tank Capacity
 15.9 14.5
 Front Brakes
 Disc Disc
 Rear Brakes
 Disc Disc
 Ground Clearance
 Towing Capacity
 1500 None
 Basic Warranty
 36 Mo. 36,000 Miles
 36 Mo. 36,000 Miles
 Power Train Warranty
 60 Mo. 60,000 Miles
 60 Mo. 60,000 Miles




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