What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Mark Miller Subaru Midtown dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

At Mark Miller Subaru, our Love Promise to the Utah and the Salt Lake area can be seen in our partnerships with local nonprofits and charities. We are grateful to not only to be part of the Salt Lake community, but to serve it as well.

Street Dawg Crew of Utah

Summit Land Conservancy

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

Fit to Recover

Did Mark Miller Subaru Midtown go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Mark Miller Subaru Midtown

Subaru and Mark Miller Subaru Midtown believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Love Promise and Rainbows - Crystal G

As Utah natives and loyal Subaru owners, we were thrilled when we heard that our local Mark Miller Subaru had partnered with Project Rainbow in support of our LGBTQ+ community. We currently own our fifth Subaru because of the safety and reliability that it provides for our family during our summer/winter outdoor adventures. We have also been supporters of Project Rainbow's flag program since we heard about it a few years ago. This year we volunteered to be our neighborhood liaisons to help spread word of their mission even further. The Project Rainbow flag program allows community members to have a rainbow flag staked at their home to help fund campaigns that promote LGBTQ+ visibility throughout Utah. We are a family who values diversity and this is a neat way for us to show our LGBTQ+ ally status. This year we flew our flag extra high, in honor of our middle child who recently came out as non-binary. We feel lucky to raise our children in a world where they have the opportunity to explore who they actually are, instead of who others expect them to be. We are so proud of our child, and it has been fun getting to know them in a whole new way. I can’t imagine how freeing it must be! A million thank yous to Mark Miller Subaru and to Project Rainbow for partnering together to stake 4,500 flags during this year’s Utah Pride Week! The sight of all the rainbows gave me hope that someday children like mine will be free to just BE.

Love Promise and Rainbows

Mark Miller Is Helping Students Master Mathematics - Mike A

Subaru Loves Learning now more than ever. There is certainly no doubt that the Coronavirus Pandemic has had wide-reaching effects on communities across America. One particular group of individuals who has been greatly impacted by the pandemic are school-aged children across our country. In fact, according to Brookins Research, ‘the math achievement of students in 2020 was about 5 to 10 percentile points lower compared to same-grade students the prior year.” While this decline seems minimal given the circumstances of the pandemic, the problem is actually very troubling when compounded with the annual ‘Summer Slide’ in educational gains that typically occur over the summer break. Simply put: children are struggling more now than ever before, and they are in desperate need of our help. And through the Subaru Love Promise and the Subaru Loves Learning pillar, Mark Miller Subaru has come together to help in a very big way! In addition to making sizeable financial contributions to help address this problem, Mark Miller himself, along with his son Jeff Miller, and many Mark Miller Subaru employees have stepped-up to help ensure an entire grade-level of students receive the help they need. So Mark, Jeff, and members of the Mark Miller Subaru team began volunteering their mornings at the beginning of the school year with hopes of making a difference in the lives of the roughly 70 3rd Grade Students at Mill Creek Elementary, a Title 1 School in an impoverished neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The overwhelming majority of these children, who already are at a socio-economic disadvantage, were testing at/or below grade-level competency in mathematics. For all intents and purposes, the proverbial cards are stacked against these young students. However, with Mark Miller Subaru’s intervention and with the help of remarkable tutors from Mark Miller Subaru’s employee roster and members of the community at-large, students are getting the support they need to learn the critical concepts needed for success in mathematics. Tutoring by members of the Mark Miller Subaru team, which occurs 4-days a week from 8:45 am – 9:30 am, has helped students master core concepts in mathematics at a growth rate greater than that of students without a tutor from Mark Miller Subaru. While the school year isn’t over, and members of the Mark Miller Subaru team are committed to seeing this project through until the end, we wanted to take a moment to pause and celebrate our efforts at Mill Creek Elementary. While it has been a lot of hard work, it has been worth every early morning. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the time we’re spending with these young children is making a difference on their lives and is setting them up for long-term academic success. In Fact: since the beginning of the school year, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in their understanding of fundamental principles. As you can see in the attached graph, only 7% of students started their schoolyear on ‘Grade Level’, (meaning they were prepared for the school-year), whereas 41% of students were two-or-more grade-levels behind. As of our most recent diagnostic, 41% of students are now at ‘Grade Level’ competency, and only 24% of students are two-or-more grade levels behind. Simply put, what we are doing is working!! In fact, our success caught the eye of a local newspaper who recently featured us on the cover of their publication. Check it out here: https://issuu.com/mycityjournals/docs/millcreek_se_mar_webIn conclusion, while Mark Miller Subaru is doing this important work as part of our Loves Learning commitment because it’s the right thing to do… who know, maybe one of these young students will eventually grow-up to be an employee of Mark Miller Subaru or even an employee of Subaru of America. It’s entirely possible! Regardless of what these young children grow-up to do, we know that they’ll become highly productive and respected members of society, and it’s truly humbling to know that Mark Miller Subaru and Subaru of America, through our Subaru Loves Learning mission, played a critical role in their future success.

Mill Creek Elementary
Mark Miller Is Helping Students Master Mathematics

Diverting Wrapping Paper from Landfills - Eric M

For the second year in a row, Recycle Utah joined forces with Mark Miller Subaru to encourage Salt Lake County and Summit County residents to recycle their used wrapping paper after the holiday season. Recycle Utah coordinated the delivery of a 30-yard container to the Mark Miller Subaru retailer location and encouraged our online followers and constituents to stop by their location to drop off their wrapping paper for proper recycling. Ultimately, our message is for people to use reusable boxes and reuse tissue paper for wrapping gifts each year and move away from wrapping paper and bows that are considered hard to recycle and wasteful. Many types of wrapping paper contain metals, glitter, glues and other contaminates that prevent it from being recycled like normal copy and newspaper products. It takes extensive attention and effort to ensure only wrapping paper and tissue paper make it into the recycle bins, and avoid mixing it with plastics, cardboard, metal papers, bows, and ribbons that can contaminate the collection and cause it to be shipped to a landfill instead of a paper recycling center. The average 30 yard roll off container holds 30 cubic yards of debris, which is equivalent to about 180 13-gallon (kitchen size) trash bags. Together, Recycle Utah and Mark Miller Subaru helped divert 2,340 gallons worth of used wrapping paper from our local landfills, sending it to be properly recycled. After unwrapping Christmas presents and seeing the mounds of paper in our living rooms, people really want to do the right thing and recycle it, but with all the tape and ribbons and bows, used wrapping paper isn’t the easiest to recycle. That’s why we encourage people to STOP WRAPPING and START BOXING with holiday festive boxes that can be reused for many years. But until wrapping paper is a thing of the past, Recycle Utah and Mark Miller Subaru will help provide recycling options for those who want to be good environmental stewards.

Recycle Utah
Diverting Wrapping Paper from Landfills

Mark Miller Subaru Loves Pets, Near & Far - Joseph D

Allegra lives in Coupon, Pennsylvania and messaged Suba Bleu Miller via Facebook to ask if we had any more Subaru diamond plate dog balls left (an older Subaru pet toy she picked up a while back). Her lab mix, Remi, had cancer in his hip that required removing the hip and leg to prevent the cancer from spreading. Remi was very attached to the ball since his surgery, carrying it around everywhere. Sadly, the cancer spread to his lungs and Remi is about to undergo further surgery, so Remi’s humans were looking for a few extra balls as backups to make sure he had his comfort toys nearby. Although Mark Miller Subaru is based in Salt Lake City and not Allegra’s local Subaru retailer, we knew we had to act to give Remi some extra love on National Make a Dog’s Day. Unfortunately this specific ball is currently out of stock, but Suba Bleu and Mark Miller Subaru sent a care package of the latest Subaru pet toys in hopes Remi finds one of them as comforting as the ball for his next round of treatment and recuperation. Near or far, it’s the Subaru Loves Pets way to care for the underdogs and go above and beyond to serve our customers, wherever they may live! Good luck, Remi – we’re rooting for you!

Mark Miller Subaru Loves Pets, Near & Far

Pride on Wheels at the Road Rally - Joseph D

Family, friends, and businesses gathered to celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11, 2020 during the first-ever Utah Pride Road Rally event, hosted by the Utah Pride Center. More than 300 colorful, decorated, and decked-out cars "dragged" down Main Street in Salt Lake City as hundreds of community members celebrated diversity and inclusion. The event included drag performances, music, and the rainbow of colorful Pride costumes. After the Utah Pride Center had to cancel the annual Utah Pride Festival & Parade (held each June) due to COVID-19, they found a way to bring the community together in a safe and fun way. The Road Rally encouraged participants to show their support for the LGBT community by packing their cars with family and friends from within their bubbles, glamorizing their vehicles, and drive a prescribed route as sponsors cheered them on from the sidelines. Mark Miller Subaru has been a long-time sponsor of the Utah Pride Center and the annual Pride Festival, and was thrilled to join the celebration to support Subaru's commitment to diversity and LOVE. The annual Pride Festival is a major fundraiser for the Utah Pride Center, accounting for nearly 40% of their annual operating budget. The Road Rally not only provided a safe atmosphere for people to celebrate their Pride, it raised crucial funds for the life-saving work of the Utah Pride Center, such as their mental health program, suicide prevention program, and youth and family programs. During the past eight months of the pandemic most people have found comfort and safety in home confinement, but many LGBT youth and senior adults rely on the community space of the Utah Pride Center for connection, interaction, and counseling services. Without this important space, people slip further into isolation and depression. The Road Rally was a successful event in bringing the LGBT community together to see one another -- from a distance -- and re-connect to the faces and support structure that help us remember that together, we will get through this!

Fit to Recover Member Christi - Christi D

Christi - FTR Member and Mark Miller Subaru Scholarship Recipient I have been in recovery for 11 years. For the past 7 years I was the Coach for Addict to Athlete here in Salt Lake. I learned a lot about setting goals and finishing races, and holding yourself to a higher standard. I discovered that physical fitness helped with my anxiety, depression and PTSD and I was able to stop taking all meds and use working out to keep me mentally in control! I met Ian 8 years ago when he had a vision of opening a recovery gym. I attended some meetings at USARA. Honestly, I didn’t think I was capable of doing any of the workouts. The gym had been open for a couple of years before I finally started to come to boot camp. I was an avid boot camp participant for a couple of years! I wanted to try out the other classes but I was too scared to go by myself. So I talked a friend into coming with me!! Lol I had very long gaps in between coming. Slowly over time I started coming a couple times a week, thinking that was all I could do! Boy was I wrong! January 2020, Ian talked me into doing the 4x7 challenge. That’s 4 fitness classes a week for a month! I literally did not think I could do it, but I pushed through and completed the challenge. I was so proud of myself and set a goal to continue going to the gym 4 times a week. When Covid hit, I was laid off from work and saw that FTR was starting zoom classes and that we could borrow some equipment!! So cool! That’s when I started working out 5 days a week doing the noon class!! I have been maintaining 5 days a week since March! I got my daughter, Sabrina, to come over and do the workouts with me. She had never worked out like that before! She had become my workout buddy! We have built a strong relationship and friendship through working out and I am super proud of her!!! The scholarship has been a huge blessing and kept me motivated to come to the gym!! I would feel terrible to have been chosen for the scholarship and not use it!! So Sabrina and I commit our time to the noon class Monday- Friday!! I am so thankful to have been chosen to receive the Mark Miller Scholarship!!! Thank you so very much!!

Fit to Recover Member Christi

The 2019/2020 Love Promise Annual Report - Jeff M

As the world currently navigates the existence of the Coronavirus Pandemic with great uncertainty, there isn’t a better time to reflect on the good that exists all around us. It has been truly inspiring to see people from all walks of life band together in support of others in our community during this time of crisis. It’s the unification and compassion of our family members, friends, and the generosity of complete strangers towards their neighbors that gives all of us at Mark Miller Subaru great hope for our future. While there is certainly no doubt that the beginning of 2020 has been challenging, there is still so much to be proud of and even more to celebrate. It’s in this spirit that I humbly share with you Mark Miller Subaru’s 2019-20 Annual Report, a document that I’m incredibly proud of! The pages of this very special document will offer you a glimpse into Mark Miller Subaru’s recent work ‘Leaving a MARK’ in our local community. In the pages of this report, we highlight the undeniable power of the Subaru Love Promise, a commitment by Subaru of America and retailers like Mark Miller Subaru to be ‘more than a car dealer.’ It’s the pillars of the Subaru Love Promise that guide us to be good stewards of our community with hopes that we leave our world a better place for our kids and grandkids. And I’m happy to report that Mark Miller Subaru did just that this past year – we left 2019 better than we found it! To name just a few things, helped secure over $130,000.00 during the Subaru Share The Love event, placed three service animals with U.S. Veterans, and united as friends with a local Subaru competitor for the first time in history as the Co-Presenting Sponsors of the 2019 Utah Pride Festival. We’re proud of our ‘MARK’ we’ve left on our community. I’m hopeful you’ll be proud of our work as well. As you flip through the pages of this report, I invite you to depart from the uncertainty of today. Instead join me by reminiscing in the joy of our collective past while together we also begin daydreaming of the joy to come in our collective future... because a better future will indeed come. As we venture into this promising future, let’s continue to do so together. Let’s never forget that, in the spirit of Subaru, sometimes the road before us won’t be found on a map, nor will that road be typically leveled or paved, but that hasn’t stopped us before, and it won’t stop us now. That’s because when Subaru drivers are on a journey together, we’re unstoppable. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your journey with us. VIEW THE FULL ANNUAL REPORT HERE: https://www.markmillersubarumidtown.com/2019-annual-report.htm

The 2019/2020 Love Promise Annual Report

Suba Bleu's Clues "Love Promise" Scavenger Hunt - Joseph D

During a normal summer, Mark Miller Subaru would be active and busy outdoors supporting all sorts of community and cultural events, festivals, and other public activities. But this has been no normal summer. In an effort to stay active in our community with our Love Promise charity partners and help draw attention to their incredible work and need for public support, Mark Miller Subaru hosted a community scavenger hunt. Suba Bleu Miller is Mark Miller Subaru's "Love Promise Ambassador." Together, he teamed up with all six of our Love Promise charity partners to host our Suba Bleu's Clues "Love Promise" Scavenger Hunt. Twelve questions took participants online and outdoors, with half the answers found on the respective organization's website and the other half found at the GPS coordinates provided at registration. For each question answered correctly, participants received one entry into our gift outdoors-themed grand prize drawing. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to the below individuals who left these heartwarming notes in their answer forms. "Both of my boys are diagnosed as Highly Gifted Autistic kids, and while there are difficulties and benefits to anything that separates each of us from anybody else, it is difficult for Mom and Dad to find any activity that they both "fall for". Your scavenger hunt was great. Now I have to come up with another one myself." "My girlfriend and I have been cooped up all summer with COVID-19. We made a date night out of the scavenger hunt. We took our bikes out to all the GPS points for some exercise. It was a lot of fun learning about all of these cool non-profits. Thanks for all you do, Mark Miller Subaru." "Although we didn't get outdoors to answer those questions, my kids loved going onto the non-profit websites and learning about their work as they answered those six questions. Bravo on creating a fun event during these crazy times." Mark Miller Subaru's 2020 Love Promise charity partners that helped make this a fun, successful, and safe event include Subaru Loves Pets: Nuzzles & Co., Subaru Loves the Earth: Wasatch Community Gardens, Subaru Loves to Help: Fit to Recover, Subaru Loves Learning: Spy Hop, Subaru Loves to Care: The Sharing Place, and Subaru Loves Veterans: The Malinois Foundation. Visit their websites to learn more about each organization and see how you can support their important work.

Suba Bleu's Clues "Love Promise" Scavenger Hunt

Nothing Feels Better Than Giving Love Away - Joseph D

Mark Miller Subaru (MMS) had our most successful Share the Love Event this past year, raising $134,200 for our two hometown charity partners, The Sharing Place and The Malinois Foundation. For the first time ever, we were excited to “Return the Love” to one lucky customer to win three years of car payments paid for by MMS. Originally, we planned on hosting a community event to present our charity partners with their donation checks and draw the name of the lucky Share the Love customer to win our Return the Love giveaway, but COVID had other plans for us. After contacting all of our customers to let them know the change in plans, we finally hosted our Return the Love event virtually on July 20. Nearly 200 people tuned-in to the MMS YouTube channel to watch as we presented The Sharing Place with a check for $66,641, and The Malinois Foundation with a check for $67,559. Collectively, these funds will help more than 60 children who recently lost a loved one receive grief support services for a full year, and allow more than three veterans to be placed with service dogs that will provide them with the life-saving canine assistance they need. A big thanks to Subaru of America, Inc. and all of our customers for helping to make our record-breaking donation checks possible. The program concluded with our grand giveaway finale. Mark Miller Subaru General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Miller, selected our lucky winner. We congratulated Erin West and her three years of car payments, which MMS paid out in one lump sum. Park City TV interviewed Erin and MMS marketing staff after the giveaway where Erin announced she was donating a portion of the award money to Feeding America to help with those affected by COVID. We could not have asked for a more heartwarming conclusion to our 2019 Share the Love event—supporting local charities and returning some love to our amazing customers! “The Sharing Place is eternally thankful for Mark Miller Subaru’s valuable friendship and financial contribution to help support our grieving families. Mark Miller Subaru is truly a community minded company!” -John Gold, The Sharing Place, Executive Director “Thanks to our partnership with Mark Miller Subaru, we just placed our tenth service dog this year with a Veteran in need of canine assistance! The money received from the Share the Love Event helped make this possible. On behalf of the many Veterans we serve, thank you Mark Miller Subaru and Subaru of America, Inc. for being such amazing community supporters.” – Kelley Rosequist, The Malinois Foundation, Executive Director

Elevating black voices because #BlackLivesMatter - Jeff M

As someone who was born with the unfair advantage of White privilege, I've never had to worry about another person trampling on my rights because of the way I speak or the way I look. It's recognizing this privilege that reminds me of how important it is to advocate for the rights of individuals who don't yet have the same rights and privileges I possess every day. The killings of George Floyd in Minnesota, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky are harsh reminders of the dangers that Black Americans face by simply living their everyday lives. Our world should be a place where people don't have to worry about their right to life being taken away from them because of the color of their skin. Everyone needs to work harder and with greater intention to ensure that our Black neighbors feel welcome, respected, cared for, and protected. Utah, and everywhere else in America, needs to become a more welcoming and inclusive place. A place where every human, regardless of race, feels safe enough to raise a family and live a comfortable life. Business owners, myself included, must do a better job of emphasizing diversity in our companies. We need to do more to encourage the advancement of our Black neighbors by providing them with greater opportunities inside our businesses and throughout the community. While Mark Miller Subaru has long championed diversity and inclusion, I know that, like many others, we can do better. I promise you that we will do better. That starts now. I’m honored to announce that Mark Miller Subaru announced a $5,000.00 challenge grant to our community in support of both the national and local ACLU Affiliates. We offered to match dollar-for-dollar for any donation made to the ACLU to help support the Civil Liberties of the Black community in Utah and throughout the Country. As soon as this was announced, a Mark Miller Subaru customer reached out to me personally and generously offered to ‘match our match’ which led to a total of more than $15,000.00 donated to the ACLU in less than 5-days! We were also proud to join Subaru of America following the completion of this Community Challenge by also donating $10,000.00 from Mark Miller Subaru Midtown to the Equal Justice Initiative, and an additional $10,000.00 from Mark Miller Subaru South Towne to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance Project. In total, and with the generous support of Subaru of America, Mark Miller Subaru and our local community generated more than $55,000.00 (in less than two-weeks!) towards raising the voices of America’s Black community. As the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "we cannot walk alone." To those who are scared and are hurting, please know that Mark Miller Subaru sees you, we hear you, and we grieve with you. Please never forget that Mark Miller Subaru is here to walk alongside you. We always have been and we always will be.In Solidarity, Jeff Miller

Mark Miller Subaru

Honoring Hometown Heroes - Danielle L

Partnering with Mark Miller Subaru for Share the Love in 2019 was especially meaningful for myself and The Sharing Place. In our campaign leading up to the event, we honored hometown heroes. For The Sharing Place, a grief support center for families in Salt Lake City, that meant elevating the story of a very special Gold Star Family. When we sat down with this family to make a video, it was immediately evident how much love they exuded for their fallen service member. He was a husband and father who died while on Active Duty in the army. His wife absolutely lit up with the biggest smile when talking about him. The army, she said, was everything to him. He took his service very seriously and she was proud to stand by his side. In their interview, her two young kids argued over which prank their dad played was the funniest and what they each liked to do with him in the most endearing way. They just couldn't decide what the best thing about their dad was because there were too many. The whole family talked about how their grief support group had been a place where they weren't treated differently because of their situation and where they had found a safe space to share these stories about their soldier. As a military spouse myself, I understood the gravity of their sacrifice and was immensely grateful that Mark Miller Subaru was giving them a public platform to share their unique story with all its struggles and triumphs. I thought that moment was the best part of our partnership until a few weeks later at a special Share the Love kick-off event. In keeping with the theme, Mark Miller Subaru invited an organization to set up a display of service boots that belong to the fallen. The display itself was very powerful but as it turned out, this family who had made the video with us was also in attendance and were completely surprised to find their soldier's boot among the display. Our Gold Star widow approached me in tears and told me that she had no idea she would be reconnected with her husband that night in a physical way, and that it was "a good surprise". The best she could have asked for. Her kids were beaming too, excited that a piece of their dad was there with them. This campaign coming full circle shows just how deep an impact Mark Miller Subaru makes. While the marketing and financial contributions we received during Share the Love will certainly help The Sharing Place serve more grieving families, and more families who have lost a loved one in military or public service, this moment of thoughtfulness was what stands out to me. I could not be more proud to work with a company that goes above and beyond like this with everything they do.

The Sharing Place
Honoring Hometown Heroes

Keeping Families Moving Safely During COVID-19 - Katie S

On March 18th, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area (RMHC) received a notice from our global office that all hospital , programs like the Ronald McDonald Family Room, were to be suspended and that our space should immediately be turned over to our hospital partners to provide care to individuals affected by COVID-19. Not only was transitioning how our charity would deliver its mission in the community following this news going to be a major challenge, but a 5.7 earthquake struck Salt Lake City at 7:09AM on that very same day. The world beneath us was both metaphorically and literally shaking. RMHC serves families of pediatric patients – children with a serious illness or injury who are being treated in a nearby hospital. The patient families who were still being housed with RMHC on that fateful day had children with the most critical and serious cases; cases that required they stay close to the hospital, even as COVID-19 was spreading across the country. The decision was made to find temporary emergency housing for these vulnerable families; housing which would allow them to have access to a private kitchen and to not be in common spaces with other individuals. Their health and safety was our top priority. But finding them remote housing also meant that providing them with food and transportation was going to be much more difficult. It was no surprise to the staff of RMHC that one of the first phone calls to come in offering help was from Mark Miller Subaru. Mark Miller Subaru has been a consistent supporter of the charity and due to their relationship with us, they are aware of the unique needs of our families. Knowing that families would be further away from the hospital without access to transportation, they immediately offered to provide Subaru rentals to qualifying families at no cost to RMHC or to the family. This generous gift has provided great relief to families who were genuinely concerned about how they’d continue to get their child the critical medical care they desperately need. One family, for example, has a child receiving life-altering behavioral health care. They have been with RMHC for a very long time and will continue to need treatment for the foreseeable future. When the mother of the family realized they would be a recipient of a Mark Miller Subaru free rental, she wrote this to us in response: “This is a big help and blessing to our family. Our resources and funds are very limited, and this help is extremely beneficial to my husband and I and our family!!” Another family has a baby in the NICU who needs surgery and will be in Salt Lake City, far away from their hometown, for another 4-6 weeks. Right as Mark Miller Subaru called with the offer of the cars, this family’s car broke down. The mother was so grateful and said that it couldn’t have come at a better time. Having the rental allowed them to get their baby through the surgery and then deal with getting their car repaired after. All of us at Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area are so thankful for the love and care shown to us by Mark Miller Subaru. This is just one more example of how they care for this community – and in this case, for us and the families we serve. We have a saying at RMHC that “Together Is A Wonderful Place to Be”, and ‘Together’ with Mark Miller Subaru we will get through this pandemic.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermounta
Keeping Families Moving Safely During COVID-19

Healing Together - Danielle L

Mark Miller Subaru is a great supporter of nonprofit collaboration in their Love Promise Program. This year, with their support, The Sharing Place and The Malinois Foundation teamed up to support one another. The Malinois Foundation brought dogs finishing training to The Sharing Place's grief support group for preteens. Grieving preteens get comfort and dogs get socialization - a win-win! One preteen group was visited by Moose, a big teddy bear of a Bernese Mountain Dog. The grief group coordinator had this to say. "One of the kids who has barely said two words since he has started coming to the Sharing Place, looked into Moose’s eyes and cried and told him all about his dad’s death. It was so special to hear them explain exactly what happened through their eyes. This boy's mom texted me later and said how grateful she was, that is the most she has seen her son cry since the death. Everyone had a great time and really bonded as a group." For many kids, processing grief comes slowly, and for that boy, that night was a big release of emotion. He asks about Moose all the time and his mom is still grateful for the healing comfort that Moose brought to the group.

Healing Together

Recycling Wrapping Paper This Holiday Season - Joseph D

There are no two ways about it - Christmas is a special time of the year. No matter how you choose to celebrate it, whether with a big ol' tree and eggnog, or a quiet night in with Chinese food and a seasonal special on TV, everyone has their own little traditions. Most of the time, you're surrounded by a whirlwind of family, food and festivities, something that you look forward to every year. And the presents, oh the presents. Whether you’re a giddy child or posed adult, there is something fun and magical about ripping open a wrapped present in anticipation of something you’ve been wanting for months. But what happens in the aftermath of all of that gift giving, present opening, and love sharing? Piles and piles of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tissue paper, and boxes. And if you come from a big family like ours, you know how much trash that can quickly turn into. This holiday season, Mark Miller Subaru decided to make it a little bit easier for our customers and neighbors to recycle their wrapping paper. That’s why we partnered with TerraCycle and Recycle Utah to collect wrapping paper and other holiday items at both Mark Miller Subaru Midtown and South Towne locations, and transport those hard-to-recycle items to our partners for proper recycling. And when we asked, our community delivered. In fact, we collected nearly THREE Subaru Ascents full of used paper, bows, ribbons, and other wrapping supplies. Recyclable items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. We want to give a warm thanks to everyone who heard our call and dropped off their wrapping supplies. We appreciate your help in caring for our planet. It’s the little things, like recycling your wrapping paper, that add up to make BIG differences! Keeping it Merry, Bright, and Green!

Recycling Wrapping Paper This Holiday Season

Opening Doors to Math & Science at Kearns Jr High - Scott B

Nearly two and a half years ago I was contacted by our United Way representative who asked me if I would be interested in working with Mark Miller Subaru on the challenging work of finding a replicable intervention to raise Math proficiency in 8th grade. My first question was “The Mark Miller as in the car dealer?” I thought, “what does a car dealer want to do with Math.” At that time, I only knew Mark and his Subaru dealerships from commercials. Since that time, I have found that Mark’s passion for caring for others, and “sharing the love” through the Subaru Loves Learning program, is much more than a marketing phrase. It is truly a commitment. My students, my school, and the Kearns community have benefited greatly from our relationship with Mark Miller Subaru. In addition to organizing math focused parent nights, and monthly meetings to strategize and implement ideas, Mark has spent countless hours learning about Math curriculum, researching computer programs, meeting with district and state experts in Math and education. He and Subaru representatives have also joined us on visits to students homes. I haven’t heard of any other company with the level of partnership that Mark Miller Subaru has demonstrated. Who else sends a team of their employees every other day to work individually with students in a class that is a targeted intervention to help students that are behind in math. Not only is this a time commitment, but they have invested resources and additional time to develop motivational strategies to motivate, celebrate, and recognize student progress. Students in this class are making gains and experiencing successes in Math that they have not had before. Chief among these volunteers is Mark himself, working with students individually. I believe that the relationships they are building and the examples they are to these underprivileged students will have long-term positive impact on them that extends beyond Math. Most recently, this partnership has added the support of dozens of award-winning science books for our school, teachers, and students. All wonderful books from the AAAS/Subaru Science Books & Films Prize for Excellence in Science Books program. I am grateful for Mark Miller and the Subaru family for the strength they are to Kearns Junior High School. With their help, we are working to change the world.

Kearns Jr High School
Opening Doors to Math & Science at Kearns Jr High

Suba Bleu Miller's Adopt-a-versary - Jenny C

Nuzzles & Co. loves Suba Bleu Miller-the local celebrity Mark Miller Subaru mascot dog at a local Farmers Market. We know Mark Miller Subaru cares about their cute rescue dog so much that they want to help other homeless animals find loving homes. Thanks to Subaru of America and ASPCA we found homes for 5 dogs and 5 cats. Mark Miller Subaru went above and beyond like they usually do with a decked-out corner for all of the animals. Our friends from Mix 105.1 hosted a live broadcast to help spread the word and other local businesses supplied goodies to the new adopters. It was a wonderful party to celebrate rescue pets finding loving homes.

Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption
Suba Bleu Miller's Adopt-a-versary

Not All Heroes Wear Capes - Stacie K

It was a magical afternoon on July 11th when the team at Mark Miller Subaru and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Utah Chapter staff and members of the Board of Trustees joined forces to deliver blankets and notes of encouragement to patients at Primary Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Ronald McDonald family room at Primary Children’s is a special, loving place. It’s raw with emotions and you can tell how much it means for these families to have a safe, calm place to regroup and refresh. As we handed out blankets we had several people tear up as they graciously accepted this small gift of comfort and love. “It was impossible to not be touched by the families we got to meet. They were open, loving, kind and above all else resilient. This experience has humbled me and gave me a greater perspective on what truly matters in life” said Aunndrea Kunz, Marketing Coordinator at Mark Miller Subaru. After spending our time at Primary Children’s Hospital, the teams gathered to warm the residents of the Ronald McDonald House with blankets, support, and love. Courtesy of Mark Miller Subaru, The Great Room in the Ronald McDonald House was magically converted into a secret layer exclusively for Superhero residents and their families. Ice cream, face painting, and superhero costumes for all to wear greeted the residents as they trickled in from their private rooms. Whatever hardships and challenges these families were faced with that day visibly melted away quicker than the ice cream in their hands as kids and adults alike raced to join the fun. “The joy was infectious!” said Ms. Kunz. “It was one of the most powerful things I have seen in my life. Watching families go through so much but still find a reason to smile and play together. It was strength like I’ve never seen it before and it was beautiful.” A young woman came up to the Mark Miller Subaru staff and thanked them for supporting people who are fighting leukemia. Her father had been through chemo several times and had decided after it came back again to stop all treatment so he could just live his life. “They almost lost him to a common cold the week before our event” shared Ms. Kunz. “I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to clean up my face after hearing this heartbreaking story.” “My name is Kenzyn and I have monsters on my feet, but they’re nice so you don’t have to worry.” These were the first words that 6 year old, vibrant burst of energy, Kenzyn, proudly shared with the Mark Miller Subaru and LLS teams as she hugged her new blanket like an old friend. Kenzyn and her family are from Montana, but Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City is the closest facility for her very special needs. Kenzyn’s dad pushed a stroller that held her baby brother who has only known his sister’s places of treatment in Salt Lake City as home. Her mother cautiously guarded her nasal feeding tube as Kenzyn twirled around to show one of LLS’ board members her furry monster slippers and her star patterned summer dress with a hole cut out on the chest for her treatment port. Kenzyn lost her hair from 10 rounds of chemotherapy or maybe perhaps it was the result of one of her four brain surgeries or one of her several rounds of radiation therapy. Regardless of why or how, her beautiful head is evidence that she has lived more life at age six than most do by age 60, but her eyes sparkled with a sweet and curious innocence that can only be found in children. The LLS Board Member enthusiastically asked, “Kenzyn, would you like to have your face painted like a fairy princess today?” “No way!” She gave him an incredulous look as if she were offended at the idea. “How about a sparkly unicorn?” This time, she didn’t say anything to acknowledge such a horrible thought. She didn’t need to, her raised eyebrow and smirk said it all. “You can pretend to be anybody or anything today! Who would you like to be, Kenzyn?” Without hesitation, she excitedly shouted, “BATMAN!” And that day, thanks to Mark Miller Subaru, the amazing Kenzyn in her star dress and furry monster slippers, put on a cape and transformed into the world’s bravest Batman. The afternoon made an impact on all that were involved. LLS is truly grateful for the incredible partnership with Mark Miller Subaru and the feeling is mutual as Ms. Kunz shared, “thank you LLS for all that you do, your fight is a noble one and I was honored to stand by your side.”

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Love Goes The Distance 2019 - Jenny C

On April 24th, Nuzzles & Co. and Mark Miller Subaru loaded up five Subarus with 3,000 pounds of dog and cat food and medical supplies, and a caravan of volunteers set out for Southern Utah! Upon arrival, the food was distributed to our reservation fosters and partners, before getting ready for our 3rd annual “Love Goes the Distance” rescue mission. The next day, Mark and Jeff Miller piloted Mark’s private plane southward to load it up with the reservation dogs and cats in most need of medical attention. They flew two round trips in one day to get pregnant dogs, orphans and critical needs pets back to Salt Lake City, where more volunteers greeted the plane and its adorable occupants and swiftly transported them to the Nuzzles Rescue Ranch for care. At the ranch, the animals were given immediate medical treatment. A team of staff and even more volunteers were ready to bathe, feed, and snuggle our newest rescues. Meanwhile, Subaru volunteers loaded up the Subarus with crates of dogs and cats healthy enough to make the six-hour drive back to the Rescue Ranch. Volunteers at the Ranch stood ready for the third wave of rescued dogs and cats. By day’s end, all 111 dogs and cats were saved and snuggled into their comfy beds safely at the Rescue Ranch or placed in the loving arms of foster families. They are now getting all the love, attention and care they need to be ready for adoption in a few weeks. (Three of the rescued dog were pregnant, and one has given birth to a litter of nine—so the total so far is 120 animals saved in one day!)This never would have been possible without the generous efforts of Mark and Jeff Miller as well as all the employees and volunteers from Mark Miller Subaru. We thank them for pouring their hearts and souls into this rescue mission. Together, we changed the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats and gave them a place Where Love Wins.

Love Goes The Distance 2019

Eco Rangers Visit Mark Miller Subaru - Haley L

To kick off Earth Month, Recycle Utah and Park City Day School drove to Mark Miller Subaru Midtown to conduct a "Green Audit” on their store. The Eco Rangers (a group of 5th graders committed to sustainability outreach and education) showed up ready to evaluate, question and learn about the sustainability practices at Mark Miller Subaru. They were greeted by Megan Robison, Marketing Manager for Mark Miller Subaru, who took them to a conference room to learn about the Eco Ranger program and why these students are involved. She used the time to get each student to talk and feel welcome, before heading out on the tour to conduct the “audit.” The students toured the entire facility, including the car wash and service areas. They checked out everything from the contents of the recycling bins to the faucets in the bathroom and the solar panel information. They were encouraged to ask tough questions and give suggestions, ranging from decreasing the amount of time the men's sink faucet ran, to asking if Subaru would make a car with solar panels on the top. After their tour, General Manager, Jeff Miller, brought the students into his office to listen to each of their questions and concerns. Both Megan and Jeff treated these students professionally and with the utmost respect, empowering the students to speak up, suggest improvements and to learn new ways businesses can be green too! These young environmental advocates are honing skills that will help them throughout their lives, not just as environmental advocates, but also as strong community leaders. It is not often that they visit a business and the General Manager sits down and gives them the same attention he would a high-level investor. After the event, one student even mentioned how cool it was that "The man who owns Subaru works with us." The positive impression left of Mark Miller Subaru (and Subaru as a whole) on these young students will last a lifetime. I bet when they are driving around in their first Subarus they will think highly of this day.

Eco Rangers Visit Mark Miller Subaru

Community First - Meg C

I just purchased a car from Mark Miller Subaru Midtown from Bob McCord. I heard about the dealership because of their support of Recycle Utah and the commitment to sustainability. I donate and volunteer with Recycle Utah, and when they learned I was car shopping they shared with me all the sustainability initiatives at Mark Miller. I was blown away! A car dealership! In Utah! Crazy. I was even more surprised when I went to the dealership to see the signage educating customers on everything from the solar panels on the roof, to the recycled water in the car wash. Each sign not only advertises what Mark Miller is doing but educates the customers on small things they can do in their day to day lives to make a difference. I was also shocked to see that Mark Miller Subaru not only supports Recycle Utah, but they also support 4 or 5 other organizations. The commitment to the community and to the environment is why I will never consider going anywhere else. I am proud to be the new owner of a Subaru Forester from Mark Miller Subaru.

Community First

Sharing our Stories and Snuggles - Danielle L

At The Sharing Place, kids are used to talking to other kids about loss and grief feelings, but recently, one of our preteen grief support groups got the chance to talk to some furry friends thanks to Mark Miller Subaru. Suba Bleu Miller and his two therapy dog friends, Arrow and Moose, joined the group to help us have a conversation about unconditional love and support in our time of grief. Each teen took a turn approaching the dog of their choice and telling the pup how it felt to have a mom, dad, brother, or sister who died. While they talked to the dog about their feelings and stroked their fur or snuggled up, adult volunteers asked what it felt like to receive the unconditional love and support of an animal companion. They asked if the kids had people or pets in their life who can offer that when they need it. There were so much laughter and lightheartedness in this group, along with a few tears, and by the end, our adult volunteers and group coordinator were blown away. They reported that all of the preteens shared more with the pups than they had ever shared with their human friends in a group. Some of them had even been able to express emotions they had not accessed in a group before like anger or crying. Even more impressive, they were able to do this in front of new people - the handlers who came with the dogs. Even though The Sharing Place is a safe place for preteens to talk about their feelings and loss experience, they are at an age where it is difficult to be vulnerable with other kids because there's the pressure to be mature and "cool" that comes with being on the cusp of adulthood. Sharing stories with the dogs was a perfectly healthy way to practice confidence and vulnerability when talking about the loss that will help these teens as they enter high school, develop relationships, and get into the working world. The therapy dogs and Suba Bleu helped break down those barriers, just by being there, and created a comforting and totally relaxed environment for everyone. Our group coordinator who facilitates this support group each session wrote on her post-group log that it was "The BEST GROUP EVER!" and that there were too many "wow moments" to count. Thank you to Mark Miller Subaru and the therapy dog team for helping our preteens heal! We can not wait for the next visit, because the first made such a difference.

The Sharing Place
Sharing our Stories and Snuggles

Loving our Pets while Loving our Earth. - Mike A

In the fall of 2016 Mark Miller Subaru adopted Suba “Bleu” Miller from the Humane Society of Utah. And nearly 2.5 years later, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to add Bleu to Mark Miller Subaru’s family. Not only because Bleu brings so much joy to our employees and our customers, but because he has opened our eyes to new areas of need in our community. Areas of need that would otherwise not be on our immediate radar. While taking Bleu to Herman Franks Dog Park, one of Salt Lake City’s busiest dog parks, members of the Mark Miller Subaru team noticed the growing number of broken plastic lawn chairs that would cycle through the park. Local residents would bring their own lawn chairs for respite as they watched their dogs play. These plastic chairs, however, aren’t very durable and would eventually end up broken and in the garbage. In fact, the park was being overrun with broken lawn chairs simply from this lack of seating at the park. This became a vicious cycle that Mark Miller Subaru wanted to help stop. With the help of Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and the City’s Parks & Recreation Department, Mark Miller Subaru underwrote the cost of FIVE (5) new park benches which were installed on Valentine’s Day. Mayor Biskupski, along with members of her administration, were on-site to accept the donation on behalf of Salt Lake City’s residents and their four-legged companions. In doing so, she offered the following remark: “This is definitely one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts a mayor can receive! When companies like Mark Miller Subaru invest in our community, they invest in all of us. I am sure these new benches will become a great place for people to relax as their dogs get some exercise. I can’t wait to bring my dogs, Eva and Ember here!”After removing benches from storage, one of which was stored inside of a 2019 Subaru Ascent, Mayor Biskupski and Jeff Miller, general manager of Mark Miller Subaru, placed the benches throughout the Park. Following the placement of the benches, Mayor Biskupski and Jeff then walked the park to remove the broken plastic chairs that were plaguing the beautiful green space. At the conclusion of the placement, Jeff shared a hug with Jackie and offered the following thought: I sincerely hope that this donation will stop the cycle of plastic chairs being used at this beautiful park. May these benches help keep Herman Franks Dog Park a clean, sustainable, and enjoyable spot for dogs and their humans for years to come.”

Nuzzles & Co. Rescue Dogs go to loving homes - Jenny C

Last November, Nuzzles & Co. received a call about seven young puppies in a remote area who were in need of our help. The puppies were found in a cardboard box in a dumpster, with no mother in sight. Our rescue van was hours away, but one of our dedicated volunteers cared for them until we arrived on the scene. There were many times our staff worried the puppies were not going to make it. But they did! All seven of them survived after medical treatment and care, and they were ready to be adopted just in time for the Holidays! We knew these puppies needed to find the best homes with families who treasure them as much as we did. Luckily for us, Mark Miller Subaru's adoption event was just around the corner. The puppies made their debut at the Mark Miller Subaru adoption event, sponsored by our friends from ASPCA and Subaru of America. Thanks to our amazing partners, the adoption fees were covered. These puppies were a big hit! Hundreds of holiday shoppers gathered around to adopt our cute puppies. The attention was almost too much to handle, and In fact, one shopper loved one puppy so much that he thought he'd skip the adoption process and take the puppy home right away. Once our team noticed the puppy was missing, we alerted authorities right away. As our local police went into action, Mark Miller Subaru's team rushed to spread the word to find our missing puppy. With the support of the community and the Mark Miller Subaru team, we received a Christmas miracle when Officer Smith returned the puppy about an hour later! We are so honored to be a part of the Mark Miller Subaru family, who not only sponsored the event with the help of the ASPCA and Subaru of America, but who SAVED THE DAY by helping us get each puppy into a loving home.

Nuzzles & Co.
Nuzzles & Co. Rescue Dogs go to loving homes

Service Paws & Patriots - Kelley R

When members of the armed forces head into battle, they do so selflessly with a sense of pride and love for our country. These brave men and women sacrifice so much to protect and defend the freedoms that civilians enjoy on a daily basis. Upon their return, though, many service members find it difficult to reintegrate back into society because of the difficult circumstances they faced while in active duty. While their faces may light up with joy upon being reunited with family, many are plagued with dark memories that are not easily erased. Mark Miller Subaru believes wholeheartedly that we have a social responsibility to help ‘ease’ their transition home because, after all, our ‘home’ – this country we all love - exists because of their brave service. One of the ways Mark Miller Subaru is able to support Veterans in our community is through the partnership with The Malinois Foundation. The Foundation is a local charity that provides fully-trained and accredited service animals for Veterans who’ve experienced mental, emotional, or physical trauma because of their service. While providing a service animal for a Veteran doesn’t erase their lived experience while serving in the armed forces, studies show that “Veterans with service dogs had significantly lower levels of PTSD symptomology than those who did not have a service dog. They also had lower levels of depression, lower anxiety and increased social participation, meaning a willingness to leave their house to engage with society in different activities.” (O’Haire). Sadly, though, access to service animals is limited due to the financial investment required to fully train a service animal. In fact, the average cost of a service animal is anywhere between $20,000 - $40,000 depending on their training. This ‘out of pocket’ expense is unrealistic for a Veteran in-need immediately following their tour of duty. That’s where Mark Miller Subaru, with the generous support of Subaru of America, comes to their aide. Working with the Malinois Foundation and community partners like the South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Mark Miller Subaru was honored to place a newly trained service animal, Nicholas, with an Army Veteran during the annual ‘Paws for Patriots’ campaign. Paws for Patriots has one simple goal: to place services animals into the hands, hearts, and homes of the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country. Dan, the Army Veteran who received Nicholas, enlisted in the United States Army with the intention of helping soldiers and their families with emotional distress, but he never imagined that he would need similar help of his own. His entire world turned upside down during a 2008 military deployment in eastern Europe, where he became very ill, and eventually developed the diagnosis of Addison’s disease. Upon receiving Nicholas during a placement ceremony last week, Dan mentioned that one of his biggest desires for a service dog was so he could stop being such a burden on his wife, and he said that Nicholas has already improved his life in just one weekend. Dan works for the VA providing support to Veterans in rural areas, so Nicholas will be able to impact even more lives than he has already. The power of the Subaru Love Promise is unmatched because, through it, we can change the world. It was Mark Miller Subaru’s honor to help change Dan’s world by helping him receive Nicholas. While Dan’s past may have once held him back, his future is bright in the hands, er, ‘paws’ of Nicholas.

The Malinois Foundation
Service Paws & Patriots

1 yr., 15 Imprezas, 60k miles, 8,600 lives touched - Mike A

Over the past 12 months, and with the generous support of Mark Miller Subaru, employees and community members of Volunteers of America, Utah have driven more than 60,000 miles across our state, inside of 15 Subaru Imprezas, allowing us to touch the lives of over 8,600 individuals experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. While these individuals may not have the financial, mental, or physical capacity to own a Subaru of their own, we believe that this should not preclude them from receiving the love and care that a Subaru can so delicately and generously deliver. These Subaru Imprezas empower us to reach those who need our help, and they do so safely throughout the year. This includes, of particular importance, delivering support to individuals who’ve taken shelter outdoors in the mountain valleys along the Wasatch Front.As one of the VOA’s Homeless Outreach Supporters, Mark Miller Subaru has helped to make this outreach effort possible. From assisting with financial contributions to collecting critical resources, such as food, clothing, and health care products, we’re able to aid the most vulnerable humans among us. When others look beyond the timid, lost, and sometimes fearful eyes of those in need of help, Volunteers of America and Mark Miller Subaru embrace these souls with open and devoted arms. That’s because every human on earth is deserving of compassion and love. It’s so fitting that we’re able to deliver care in a Subaru because, after all, it’s Love that makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

Volunteers of America, UT
1 yr., 15 Imprezas, 60k miles, 8,600 lives touched