Finance Specials

Subaru Finance Center in Salt Lake City

If you drive in South Salt Lake, you will likely pass by a Subaru car or SUV. What makes them so popular with drivers in Salt Lake City? Some Subaru drivers appreciate the engineering, while others like the styling. If you want to buy or lease a new Subaru vehicle, visit our dealership today.

After thinking about upgrades and levels of trim, you might feel concerned about your ability to afford your dream car. Don’t worry, because our finance center can help you. Our team has a tremendous amount of experience in helping customers get the new or used car they want. Whether you want a lease agreement or car loan, we can help you.

Our finance application only takes a few minutes to complete. It remains quick and easy and has no unnecessary questions. We try to work with everybody. Don’t worry about not having perfect credit. We’ve found that many Park City drivers prefer leasing. You can lease a new car and enjoy the benefits of driving a new and trouble-free vehicle still under the factory warranty. Plus, who doesn’t love the new car smell?

Loan vs. Lease

The most cost-effective way to drive a car remains buying one and operating it long-term. Leasing can appear expensive over the same period because you have to get a new car more often. The down payment and monthly charges of lease agreements do tend to cost less than a car loan. This aspect means you can afford a more expensive car. You could get a higher-end model, more upgrades, or a higher level of trim.

With leasing, you don’t own the car. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of selling it. However, you cannot modify the car to better suit your adventures. You must return a leased vehicle in good condition and maintain mileage limits. If you don’t abide by any of these terms, you might have to pay additional fees.

We’ve helped many drivers in the West Valley City area find their dream car. Visit Mark Miller Subaru Midtown and schedule a test drive today.